The Ultimate Road Warrior Toolkit

Darren Van Soye and his wife Sandy recently completed an epic, 424-day around-the-world journey that they called Trekking the Planet. During the journey, this road warrior traveled over 77,000 miles through 53 countries on all six of the populated continents. The longest that they spent in any one place was six days – and this only occurred once on the entire trip. Altogether, they stayed in 113 different hotel rooms and transacted in over 40 different currencies. Some of the destinations were totally off the grid such as the Mustang Region of Nepal, the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, above the arctic circle in Lapland, the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia and the 1,200 miles up the Amazon in Brazil. The couple stayed in touch to the 850 classrooms that followed their adventures using a variety of means. In this brief interview, you will learn some of the road warrior tips and tricks that Darren used to stay connected.

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