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Trekking the Planet

Race Across USA

What’s it like to Run Across the USA?

The Race Across the USA started on January 16, 2015 at Huntington Beach pier in California and finished at the White House in Washington D.C. Twelve “core team” runners and 11 state runners started this race across the country. Of the twelve core team runners, seven of us finished. Overall, more than 40 state runners

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Why Would Anyone Want to Run Across the USA?

My first race as an adult was the OC Half Marathon back in 2006.  I was running it with my oldest daughter, Lauren.  We had trained together all summer, even running a 12 miler so that we would be ready for the “real thing”.  During the event at mile marker 11, there was a split in the course: If you were running the half marathon (13.1 miles), the sign indicated to turn left.  If you are running the full marathon (26.2 miles), the sign indicated to turn right.  I did the math.  Let’s see… carry the two… right!  I blurted out “Lauren, if we were running the full marathon, we would still have 15.2 miles to go!” Both Lauren and I laughed out loud and then, at the same time, said: “That’s INSANE!”  It challenge might as well have been to run across the USA. We were both in so much pain, even walking another 15 miles seemed impossible!


Epic Multistage Ultramarathon Across the USA

One of the ideas that my wife, Sandy and I considered even before we left for Trekking the Planet was to create a charity ultramarathon across the USA.  When I originally approached Kara Lubin, founder of the 100 Mile Club® about the idea, she got really excited and agreed to bring the issue before the

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